Meet the crew!


Dr. Lindsay Rutter, Mission Commander Profile on LinkedIn Profile on GitHub
Lindsay Rutter is a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at the University of Tsukuba near JAXA. She works in the Genome Biology Lab which sequences samples from the International Space Station to investigate how biology responds to spaceflight. She also delves into projects annotating new bacterial strains. Lindsay is a remote member of the NASA GeneLab analysis working group, which aims to maximize public access to space biology data that can be analyzed in integrated fashions.

David Laude, Executive Officer
Dave Laude is a retired micro-electronics design engineer who specialised in analog integrated circuits. By elementary school he was highly interested in electronics and space exploration. He watched Apollo 11 launch from a nearby beach and eventually met two moon walkers. He is a founding member of The Mars Society and served with MDRS Crew 80. His current interests include space exploration, music composition, theatre organs, RC airplanes, computer simulation, antique radios, hiking and camping in the U.S. desert southwest.

Stuart Hughes, Artist in Residence/Crew Journalist Profile on LinkedIn Personal Webpage
Stuart Hughes is a Senior World Affairs Producer with BBC News, based in London. Over more than two decades he has covered major news events in more than 60 countries. While reporting from Iraq in 2003, Stuart was critically injured when he stepped on an anti-personnel landmine, which led to the amputation of his lower leg. After learning to walk again, Stuart resumed his career using a state-of-the-art prosthesis.

Jin Sing Sia, Crew Engineer Profile on LinkedIn Profile on GitHub Personal Webpage Personal Blog
Jin Sing Sia is a mechanical engineering undergraduate at the University of Waterloo. He moved from his home country of Malaysia to Canada at 15 to pursue his dream of becoming an aerospace engineer, and ultimately landing humans on Mars. Some of his past projects include conducting engineering simulations of VTOL aircraft rotors, serving as VP Finance for the Waterloo Space Society, and designing a drivetrain for a human-powered submarine.

Inga Popovaite, Crew Scientist Profile on LinkedIn Personal Twitter Personal Blog
Inga Popovaite is a sociology PhD candidate at the University of Iowa. She studies group processes in space analog facilities, with a focus on gender, emotions, and status. Her research brings sociology into space science and helps understand how social forces and structural patterns can shape interactions in long term spaceflight crews.

Ludo Valentini, Crew Engineer Profile on LinkedIn
Ludovica Valentini (class 1995, Italian) is an Aerospace Engineer, currently working as Propulsion and Testing Engineer at OHB Sweden, in Stockholm. Her dream is to become an astronaut and the MDRS mission is making her dream come true on Earth instead of in space, for now. She is passionate about space and racing cars, and during her university studies she has been part of a CubeSat project (MIST) and of two Formula Student teams (UniBo Motorsport and KTH Formula Student). She likes sports and she has been a gymnast for fourteen years.

Yuzo Shibata, GreenHab Officer
Yuzo Shibata is an independent adviser of scientists (and universities) and artists (and galleries). He has been interested in the connection between “Creativity” and “Special Environment” for a long time through their experiences. He wants to know how a closed environment affects creativity lately. Yuzo holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a master’s degree in Informatics from Kyoto University in Japan.

Dr. Olympiou Charikleia, Health and Safety Officer
Charikleia Olympiou is a cardiologist with a long-term goal to develop and demonstrate advanced knowledge, understanding and skills in the subjects of space physiology, and the physiological effects of the space environment upon humans and of the methods employed to mitigate such effects. She recently completed her cardiology fellowship and moved to the US seeking to engage in research to assess the effects of long-duration spaceflight on the cardiovascular system. She is particularly interested in the practical implications of disease and physical deconditioning associated with long duration space travel.